At WLKS, we use M49 Mazzucchelli frames because we believe our sunglasses should make a statement of who you are - a person who cares about the environment.

100% Biodegradable

The M49 compound that we use to make the frames merges fashion with environmental sustainability. Launched by the Italian Mazzucchelli 1849, the world's largest producer of specialty polymers of natural origin, the M49 compound uses renewable resources, is biodegradable and recyclable. In other words, the M49 frames are made from cotton or wood pulp and organic additives, which replace the traditional plasticizers and pigments.


March 31, 2022

Higher Versatility

M49 frames are compatible with all types of lenses, meaning there is no longer any risk of the frame jeopardizing the visual qualities of your sunglass lenses. Great for use with either glass and nylon lenses, this new compound has no limitation. Learn more about our values at WLKS and our passion for high-quality shades, fashioned with premium, eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

Aesthetic Look

M49 frames keep the unbelievable aesthetic and artistic effects for which Mazzucchelli products are known. Moreover, the compound’s natural substances add that extra effect of “warm silkiness” to the frames. This gives a sense of luxury when you are wearing shades built with M49.