Our Story

From San Diego, California

WLKS was born in awe and inspiration drawn from the breath-taking natural beauty of Southern California’s coastlines. As Austin Wilkes surfed, hiked, and snowboarded his way through mountain ranges and the deep sea, he realized the need for a rugged pair of durable sunglasses to protect him from the harsh Southern sun.

Designed For the Outdoors

Premium handmade sustainable eyewear

Frustrated by the inadequate and expensive designer options, he dreamt of engineering his own line of outdoor glasses that would be lightweight, durable, on-trend and affordable to everyone. However, as Austin watched the stunning coast be stained every day with pollution, WLKS’s goals grew past producing stellar unisex sunglasses. They would now also find a way to make eco-friendly glasses that do not harm the environment when left behind on an adventure.

M49 Mazzucchelli

100% Polarized and shatter-resistant

Through a carefully curated blend of wood pulp and cotton fibres, the WLKS team has managed to create a contemporary, sleek, and unique line of sunglasses that decompose naturally into their surroundings. Every pair is 100% sustainable, saving the delicate ocean and wetlands from harmful and toxic microplastics.