M49 Mazzucchelli

M49 is bio-based and biodegradable

It should be noted that plastic materials from natural origins are not always biodegradable and that sometimes plastic materials from fossil sources are. The advantage of M49 is to meet both requirements.

Through a carefully curated blend of wood pulp and cotton fibres, the WLKS team has managed to create a contemporary, sleek, and unique line of sunglasses that decompose naturally into their surroundings. Every pair is 100% sustainable, saving the delicate ocean and wetlands from harmful and toxic microplastics.



At WLKS we use premium polarized nylon lenses. These lenses are impact-resistant making it a great choice for those with active lifestyles. These pairs of sunglasses will have you covered on your adventures.

Higher Versatility

M49 frames are compatible with all types of lenses, meaning there is no longer any risk of the frame jeopardizing the visual qualities of your sunglass lenses. Great for use with nylon lenses, this new compound has no limitation. Learn more about our values at WLKS and our passion for high-quality shades, fashioned with premium, eco-friendly and recyclable materials.